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The SouvenirPennies machine at St Fagans in South Wales.


Pennymangle have installed a new machine in the Liverpool FC Megastore, Liverpool One shopping centre


Souvenir Pennies have had a bonanza installing session, new machines at the following:
- Stratford Butterfly Farm (new location)
- Camel Creek (new machine, formerly Cornwalls Crealy)
- Diggerland Kent (new location)
- HMS Victory at Historic Dockyards (replacement machine) - 5 die
- Living Coasts (second machine)
- Marwell Zoo (a 5th Machine)
- Woburn Safari (a 3rd Machine)


- National Museum Cardiff (2 new machines)
- The Big Pit (new machine)

- Glencoe (a new 4 die replaces the 3 die)

There is a new Souvenir Pennies machine at the Fleet Air Arm museum in Ilchester, Somerset. It is a 5 die machine

  Ian Hope


The first of many new machines from SouvenirPennies has been reported on PennyCollector. This one is from Boscombe Pier. Seemingly piers are quite the in place.



The Unique PPF machine at the Shard has been moved to the 67th viewing platform floor. This was always to be it's location.


Pennymangle have placed a ninth machine at Legoland Windsor. This time in the Legoland Hotel, accessible without entering the park.


PennyMenEurope are busy in Scotland, they have installed a machine at the David Welch Winter Gardens in Aberdeen.


Clacton Pier has a penny machine located in a gift shop on the pier.
The shop is only open at the weekend at the moment.

Details to follow....


There is a machine in the little shop on board HMS Victory in Portsmouth Dockyard. It looks like the designs used on a Souvenir Pennies machine.


New GEM machines from the PennyPressFactory have been located at three castles in Scotland.

  • Urquart Castle
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Stirling Castle

    and a repaired machine

  • Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh.


    PennyMenEurope have increased their portfolio in Ireland with 3 new locations

  • Kate Kearney's Cottage - Gap of Dunloe
  • National Botanical Garden - Glasnevin, Dublin
  • Glendalough - Wicklow Mountains National Park


    Pennymangle have installed two new machines.

  • Atlantis shop in Legoland
  • Tower of London Souvenirs, outside the Tower main entrance
  • ------------------------------

    Just off on a squishin' misson to the Emerald Isle, but before I do just time to tell you about the 4 new machines from SouvenirPennies in Wales. These are located in

    • National Museum of Cardiff
    • The Big Pit
    • Swansea Waterfront Museum
    • ------------------------------

      Mixed emotions this morning. Andy Tait found out about this design at Wigan Athletic.

      It looks like the designs from Scotron. But I am afraid to say the machine was taken away a few years ago. Gutted. FEBRUARY

      Just sneaking under the February end wire is the design change at Knockhatch Adventure Park machine.



      Only One machine to report on this month, ThePennyPress have placed a machine in a Carrolls Irish Souvenir store in Belfast.

      JANUARY 2017

      Manchester City now have their own PENNYMANGLE machine.


      ShrekAdventures! now have two PENNYMANGLE machines. The latest is inside the exhibit in How to Train Your Dragon


      PennyMenEurope have placed a machine in the StreetLife Museum.


      ThePennyPress, Ireland have placed a 4 die machine in Exploris Aquarium and Seal Santuary in Portaferry, Belfast.


      SouvenirPennies have replaced the MKlV machine at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park with one of their wooden cabinets. the designs now have a solid border.

      DECEMBER 2016

      PennyMenEurope have just installed 4 new machines in Ireland. These are located

    • National Aquatics Centre - Dublin
    • Knock Airport - County Mayo
    • Christ Church Cathedral - Dublin
    • Johnnie Foxes Pub - Glencullen
    • NOVEMBER 2016

      Just sneaking it in to November is a new machine at the National Galleries, on the Mound, in Edinburgh. It is a machine from SouvenirPennies, I haven't seen the pennies as yet, but the designs are:

      1. Front View of the Scottish National Gallery Building.
      2. Side View of the Scottish National Gallery Building.
      3. Portrait of Robert Burns.
      4. Portrait of The Reverend Robert Walker Skating on Duddingston Loch
      the last two are based on famous portraits in Scottish National Gallery)

      OCTOBER 2016

      Always nice to see a penny machine, this one is in the Fishing Heritage Museum in Grimsby. One of the oldest in the country, this design has been here since the early 90's (apparently) Click and spin the picture around for a surprise.


      It has been around for a while, this single electric machine from Scotron is situated at Water's Edge, Barton on Humber. Rolls well, they will take payment over the phone.



      The designs for the Weston Park machine by Katya Robin were released on Twitter today


      After many years there is a GEM machine in Blackpool Pleasure Beach a the end of the INFUSION ride. It has been 10 years since the ThePennyPress machine was at the Big One.



      The machine at Wicksteed Park in Kettering is finally under repair, hopefully back soon.


      When Athos, Porthos and D'Artagnan visited the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth the anticipated new machine didn't materialise. There was a GEM machine there until recently. Nice designs, shame it couldn't be made reliable.
      There will hopefully be new machines here in the new year.


      There are three 4 die Souvenir Penny machines within Wookey Hole Caves and gift shops. 8 different designs across the three machines. All these machines turn the opposite way round to the norm.



      The Nissan Innovations machines at the O2 are being removed in November. Hurry on down to get your sets.



      Artist Katya Robin has re-designed the pennies at the Millennium Gallery and Graves Gallery in Sheffield


      SouvenirPennies have changed the designs at the
      West Somerset Railway in Minehead.


      The PennyMenEurope machine from Brunel News in the O2 has been re-located to a nother branch in Portsmouth.
      Lets see how the London designs go down there


      Monday 10th October is the planned date for a new PennyMenEurope machine at Leeds Castle, which is Kent.

      Click the picture for machine and penny pictures.


      Look out for SouvenirPennies machines, they appear to be changing designs on some of their machines from a solid border to that of fine dots. See Twycross Zoo, Paultons Park and Brighton Pavillion. Which is your nearest machine?

      Twycross Zoo            Brighton Pavillion


      LEICESTER CITY are the latest English football club to receive a Pennymangle penny machine and Heritage Token machine.
      The designs are the usual Pennymangle quality, depicting the EPL League Champions.

      SEPTEMBER 2016

      At the launch today at the Coral Island Amusements complex on the Promenade in Blackpool. PennyMen Europe unveiled their latest machine in the UK. Ian Hope was the first to speed roll, see the video on the UKPennies Facebook page by clicking on the picture.

      What a beautifully engineered machine it is too.


      Join us again next Wednesday (5th), this time in the Midlands, where we will once again be having a Facebook Live! event


      Ian Hope has too much time on his hands, he says there are currently 1391 pennies availble in England alone .... I haven't enough time to see if he is right or not.


      They have been the lastest Holy Grail to me, but finally Jason Teehan from the Rock of Cashel shop came up with a set of pennies from his machine. It feels like Christmas morning. Thank you Jason.


      NEW INFO** 5th Sept. 2016 - the machine in the Manchester United Red Café has been removed.


      Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you third machine from ThePennyPress in a number of weeks.

      This time at The Emmerdale Studio Experience, Leeds. The picture was provided by ThePennyPress

      AUGUST 2016

      SouvenirPennies have been very busy, they have replaced the original Twycross Zoo machine with TWO machines with 5 dies. Pictures are courtesy of Ian Hope



      New from ThePennyPress is the machine that is located on the Coronation Street on Tour exhibition/ attraction at the Glasgow SSE. The event though is on a limited schedule, only being in Glasgow from September 27th to January 1st 2017
          Picture provided by


      A new location on PennyCollector in the city of York
      The Golden Fleece Inn
      Andy Tait had a set of coins from York, but with no location. Are these one and the same?


      This could be the most difficult machine to visit and roll your pennies from. The machine is on the Stena Line ferries out of Harwich. The PennyCollector page says other ferries operated by Stena will have the machines too.
      If you click the link you will see there is very little to go on...


      Ian Hope is on a road trip, he accessed this machine at the
      Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth,
      but there is another machine in there .... On the way back Ian?


      Visiting Chessington Zoo he found that the machines were off site, hopefully being mended, nothing more sinister.


      Twycross Zoo now have a second machine in the Lorikeets enclosure.
      More details to follow ...


      Southend Pier now has a 4 die SouvenirPennies machine in the ticket office


      Dragoon Guards Museum, Edinburgh Castle now have a 4 die machine of their own

        Andy Tait


      Alnwick Garden & Fusilier


      There is a new machine at the Bannockburn Heritage Centre, Stirling. There are 4 designs available

        Andy Tait


      These are the new designs at Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset.


      News from Dave Macdiarmid, after a visit to the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth, there is a new 4 die machine there. Ian Hope is on the case...


      Thank you to Jenny for telling us about a new machine at Alnwick Garden in Northumberland.


      There was a single design machine here in the past.

      We shouldn't be surprised the machine has been upgraded to one with 4 designs
      More details to come...


      There is a new Scotron single die machine at the Ferry Head, Liverpool.
      You might be forgiven for thinking that the design is the same as at Seacombe Ferry Terminal but there are a few differences.


      JULY 2016

      The designs have been changed at Paulton’s Park
      We are still awaiting details.


      JUNE 2016

      Colchester Zoo have a new 4 die machine. I am going to hazard aguess that it will be a GEM machine, operated by Scotron/Souvenir Penny. We shall see

         Ben LewisBurch



      The PennyMenEurope website has had a makeover. One page that could be of interest is the question of a NEW GENERATION machine.

      Could this new machine be one of the new 8-die machines that have been popping up in America.

      This machine dispenses 8 coins at the press of a button. The penny is pressed within the machine, but unlike other, current machines, we dont get to see the pennies being crushed.


      Pennymangle have finally sited the 4 die machine at Shrek’s Adventures, London
      4 great designs, the machine is in the attraction entrance

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