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APRIL 2015

Robin has been on a penny squishin mission and reports that the machine from Shildon Railway has been moved to York History Museum.
the Pennymangle machine in Nottingham Castleis now mended.
One of the machines in Center Parcs, Nottingham is broken. You can only access the machine if you stop there or visit on a day pass.
Leeds Millennium Square no longer has a machine.....


Ian Hope finally received his pennies from Bodmin Jail whilst yours truly is still waiting for his :-(


There is some good news and bad news ... there is a new single die machine at Museum of Childhood on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh (Thank you Robin)

But the rumours of the withdrawal of machines at Coventry Transport Museum are indeed true.. (Thank you Ian)


The machine at the Parasol Gallery, London is still in constant use. This was placed here as part of an exhihibit by Navid Nuur

Well worth a visit...(Thank you Rosa)

March 2015

Still waiting for deatils and some pennies from the new machine at Bodmin Jail
It is a new 4 die machine. they have had my money for over a year....


PennymenEurope have placed 3 new machines around the UK.
They are all at Wildfowl & Wetland Trust locations.

  • London
  • Slimbridge, Gloucestershire
  • Martin Mere, Lancashire
  • ---------------

    Marwell Zoo visited, details of the four machines and a map available here


    Just in case anyone was worried about defacing a Coin of the Realm, it's all legal


    National Museum Scotland - Rural Life has had a GEM Penny Press since last Summer


    There is a new 4 die GEM Penny Pressmachine at the Falkirk Wheel
    This replaces the single die machine, which has been there for many years.

    February 2015

    Magpie.2006 is selling ThePennyPress pennies on ebaY
    I don't recognise the machine, but checking.

    Found the location ....... Hayes Island Snack Bar, Cardiff


    This is the new Pennymangle machine at
    Stratford Visitor Centre Shakespeare designs as you would imagine for this area.


    There was another Pennymangle machine added at the London Eye on 20th February. It is in the Iconic Gift Shop.


    Did you know February 12th is
    National Lost Penny Day?
    It has it's origins with the USA (where else) See this link.
    What did you on this day?


    I am glad a few of you visited the Spring Fair Exhibition, Birmingham and made yourself known. The stall holders were impressed with our enthusiasm for our hobby.

    I managed to find out info on the following:
    The Shard, London
    Cutty Sark, London
    The London Eye
    The O2 Dome, London
    Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire
    GOMA, Glasgow.
    Cambridge Tourist Info
    Stratford Upon Avon Info


    Starting today at the Spring Fair Exhibition, Birmingham there are two manufacturers displaying machines.

  • Souvenir Pennies Hall/Stand: 5BB82
  • PennyMen Europe Hall/Stand: 4 4M48
  • Go on down and visit thestands and roll free pennies.

    January 2015

    The PennyCollector page for United Arab Emirates has been updated, all the machines in this region are provided by Scottish manufacturer PennyPressFactory


    Angie reports that the PPF machine at Yorkshire Wildlife has been removed. That is all we know at the moment.


    Picking information up from the website, is news that PPF have placed a new machine in The Shard, London I am awaiting information where the machine is situated. But it looks cool.

    The machine is on the ground floor so no entry fee required

    NOVEMBER 2014

    This is not good news... Oded Paz has made his first trip to London after eighteen years for a mega squishin' mission but couldn't find any penny machines at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland or Ice at the Tower
    We have to hope this is only a late arrival, but I am worried.


    With many thanks to Andy Tait I now have pennies from
    Wellgate Shopping Centre Dundee

    Thanks Andy


    I knew there was a machine at Loudoun Castle Theme Park in Ayrshire, Scotland and finally managed to locate a penny from there from ebaY

    Unfortunately the park closed in 2010

    OCTOBER 2014

    can anyone give information on this penny?

    I believe it could come from the Little Shop on the Rock, Cashel Northern Ireland
    They don't appear to have a telephone or email??

    SEPTEMBER 2014

    It has been very quiet this summer for penny news, all my information has come via PennyCollector

    Guards Museum Souvenir Shop, London
    Smugglers & Pirates - Brixham
    Press Bureau Knightsbridge
    Sign up for a Newsletter from PennyMenEurope here
    Pennies and not Silver Blanks @ The Red Cafe, Man U
    St Ives Tourist Information
    I am hoping to have news from Pennymangle soon.


    JUNE 2014

    I was contacted by a Boy Scout troup in the USA who had come across this site whilst studying for a Scout Collecting badge. Jacob was particularly keen on the following website for those wanting to start collecting coins.
    It works for the UK as well as the US
    Cheers Jacob for the link.  


    Have I mentioned that the machine at Colchester Zoo has been changed to a single die acrylic version, complete with new design.


    My pennies have arrived from Explosion, the Museum of Firepower
    See more details on the Eurolink page.

    MAY 2014

    Science Museum London updated including a floorplan


    ThePennyPress Tell me that the machine has been sited and is ready for you to vist at The Deep, Hull


    News breaking on PennyCollector of a new 3 die machine beyond security at Dublin Airport. Yes, you do need to fly to access the machine.....


    News, that on May 1st, that The British Music Experience at the O2 is closing, the two machines will no longer be available.


    Pennymangle have changed the designs of two pennies
    in one of the Birmingham Sealife machines.

    Off Topic Pennymangle have changed the tokens at
    Tower of London, White Tower
    London Eye
    New tokens soon for Shakespeare, Stratford

    APRIL 2014

    ThePennyPress have told me of their recent new machine locations
    Two new machines for Woburn Center Parcs will have two machines when they open. There are new machines and designs for Longleat Center Parcs.

    There is a new machine at the entrance to Birmingham Library

    -------- but -------

    The machines at Kelham Museum has been removed. You can get pennies from this machine from Magpie.2006 on ebaY

    Eagle-eyed collectors will notice that the version of Drenched on ebaY is different to the design I collected and visible on the ThePennyPress page


    What a morning! (April 26th)

    From Jorg's collection I have now 3 new single electric design machines to report, they have been there for absolutely years.
    One at Catalist Science Centre, Widnes
    the second in Bodmin Jail, Cornwall.
    and the third Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower, Hampshire


    And that the machine at the Wellgate shopping Centre
    in Dundee has been changed .


    Weald & Downland Museum was visited by Michael and Isobel. It is what Souvenir Pennies call their 'Classic' machine.
    It is located in the gift shop, no payment required to access it.



    Well this is indeed bad news. All the machines have been removed from London and Whipsnade Zoos. No explantion has been given, just no longer on site. Which is a shame, moreso because I havevn't been able to visit and get the new designs at ZSL. So, if anyone has a spare set????   


    Discovered because of Jörg's website I've found there is a single die machine at the National Aquarium Galway
    The machne isn't working at the moment. Hopefully news on when it is will be here soon...


    If you are interested in older UK Pennies you must have a look at Jörg Bretschneider's website. He is a collector from Germany, but has a great collection of older pennies from the Eurolink machines.
    His website is and click Linkliste


    The Penny Press have placed a 4 die machine within the new Coronation Street Tour in Manchester.

    The machine is in what was the medical centre, this is now the gift shop. I believe this is just on the tour itself. Free Entry?


    The first news for April is a new machine for Souvenir Pennies

    This will be located in the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum

    There will be news of another machine from ThePennyPress revealed on Friday. this will be the first of four new machines in the near future.

    More news shortly for PPF with new machines in Scotland

    That is all for now
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