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APRIL 2014

Well this is indeed bad news. All the machines have been removed from London and Whipsnade Zoos. No explantion has been given, just no longer on site. Which is a shame, moreso because I havevn't been able to visit and get the new designs at ZSL. So, if anyone has a spare set????   


Discovered because of Jörg's website I've found there is a single die machine at the National Aquarium Galway
The machne isn't working at the moment. Hopefully news on when it is will be here soon...


If you are interested in older UK Pennies you must have a look at Jörg Bretschneider's website. He is a collector from Germany, but has a great collection of older pennies from the Eurolink machines.
His website is and click Linkliste


The Penny Press have placed a 4 die machine within the new Coronation Street Tour in Manchester.

The machine is in what was the medical centre, this is now the gift shop. I believe this is just on the tour itself. Free Entry?


The first news for April is a new machine for Souvenir Pennies

This will be located in the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum

There will be news of another machine from ThePennyPress revealed on Friday. this will be the first of four new machines in the near future.

More news shortly for PPF with new machines in Scotland

MARCH 2014

Just before March is out, I managed to get to Glasgow to get the pennies from the Chris Hoy Velodrome and Glasgow Science Centre
I even managed to get one set from the retired Velodrome machine!!

Click below to see details.



News from Blackpool Zoo via an auction on ebaY
There is a 5th machine on Wolfridge
And BREAKING NEWS There will be a 4 die machine before Easter.
But the machine in the Children's Zoo has been removed.


I wonder how this new pound coin will affect our penny machines from 2017?


The machine at The Shambles, York is alive and well.
See if you can spot it in this picture?


New machines for Chelsea Football Club
The two single die machines have been replaced with 2 four die machines. Details to follow....


I met up with Souvenir Pennies (Penny Press) who have been exhibiting at the Spring Fair in Birmingham.
They told me of 4 new venues and 6 machine changes. I am on with changing the relevent pages.

  • ...A new machine at the Titanic Exhibition, Belfast
  • ...A new machine at Marwell Zoo, Hampshire
  • ...A new Machine for Bunratty Castle, Ireland
  • ...3 new machine for London Zoo
  • ...New machine designs for Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


    Marwell Zoo
    5 designs

    Titanic Belfast


    WestAir have removed one GEM machine from the Chris Hoy Velodrome, Glasgow citing access problems for the visitors.

    This machine has been relocated with different designs at

    York's Choc♥late Story, York

    January 2014

    The National Media Museum in Bradford have taken delivery of 2 PennyPressFactory machines. More details soon.


    News to start the year off with, a new machine from PennyPressFactory in the NRM, Locomotion, Co Durham
    It is a GEM design

    Click for details.


    ThePennyPress at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, London
    Smartly presented as a London Bus


    PennyPressFactory are advertising their GEM machines again on ebaY
    What is interesting are the pictures that are with it.
    The new MOSI machine and one for a Science Museum, but WHICH ONE?
    Breaking News... PennyPressFactory are looking to place 7, ....yes 7 machines in the Science Museum, London....go, go, go...
    go here for the London Science Museum page.


    From the Penny Press Factory website NEWS section, there is an interesting machine.

    A Brewer's Fayre iniative, raising money for
    Great Ormond Street, London
    It is from last April so may not be still there.....It isn't, but may return for another charity promotion.


    There have been a few new machines sited over the past couple of months from Penny Press Factory

  • 4 machines at MOSI in Manchester

  • Click to link

  • 1 machine in the cafe at Manchester United Museum

  • Click to link
    the machine dispenses Silver Blanks Have a look


    Pennymangle have another machine at the NRM. York
    plus 2 new National Token machines at the Emirates Airline Experience on the Greenwich Penninsular, London


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